About MontanaPLA Finish Faster

College Credit for Work or Life Experience…Document Your College-Level Learning

MontanaPLA Finish Faster is dedicated to assisting current and prospective students in obtaining college credit at one of the Montana University System institutions based on prior work or life experience.  The key is being able to prove that your learning is at the college level and can be applied toward the degree or credential you are seeking. 

The Montana University System is committed to increasing the number of Montanans who earn college degrees and certificates. As a component of that commitment, MontanaPLA Finish Faster is dedicated to reaching out to those who may be able to demonstrate college-level learning gained outside of the traditional classroom...learning from work, learning from training, learning gained in the military, or learning from life itself. MontanaPLA Finish Faster has options that may help you shorten time-to-degree, save money, and earn higher education credentials that are often needed to compete in today’s workplace.

You will be able to select your target institution or the one in which you are currently enrolled and explore courses you feel are relevant to your prior learning.  You will then talk one-on-one with an advisor about your options, as well as create an e-portfolio which enables you to document and compile your prior learning for evaluation of credit.

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MontanaPLA Finish Faster also offers you information on other options to recognize prior learning that can save you time and money toward your educational goals.

MontanaPLA Finish Faster is funded via a USA Funds grant that was awarded to the MUS to support efforts to increase the number of Montana’s adults who earn college degrees and certificates. 

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It is estimated that there will be 165 million jobs in the U.S. economy by 2020, and 65 percent of these positions will require some form of postsecondary education or training.

- "Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020," Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce